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Datalogic connection cable, RS-232, ESD

Precio 28,00 €
Connection cable, RS-232 (9P, female), ESD, length: 1.8 m, straight, power supply connector, order separately: power supply, power cord

Datalogic EAS cable

Precio 7,00 €
EAS cable, Interlock, order separately: EAS Antenna Cable

94A151124 (no_title)

Precio regular 175,00 € -31,25% Precio 120,31 €
RS-232, USB, cradle, power supply unit, spare battery slot

Datalogic Magellan 8400

Precio regular 948,00 € -33,33% Precio 632,03 €
Built-in scanner, retail, 1D, laser, omnidirectional, sapphire glass, short platen, 5-sided, shelf mount (Europe), 3900 scans/sec, multi interface...

Datalogic power supply, 5V, EU

Precio 34,00 €
Power-supply for Datalogic Magellan 800i und 1100i, 5V, EU, optional accessory: kabeurosw, kabeuroswg

Counter/Wall mount

Precio 18,00 €
Counter/Wall mount (L-Bracket) for Magellan 3200VSi

Datalogic power-cord

Precio 7,00 €
Datalogic Power Cord, 220V, Europe, for Magellan, black

Gryphon I Cradle, counterfeit

Precio regular 313,00 € -35,29% Precio 202,54 €
Cradle and base station for Datalogic Gryphon I GM4100, 433MHz, with counterfeit option, colour: black

Bordit passive holder PM85

Precio 33,61 €
Passive holder with tilt swivel, only for standard battery, Mounting Plate: 42x50 mm with AMPS-holes, full access to the camera and all buttons,...

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